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Latest Techniques to increase traffic on your website

Latest Techniques to increase traffic on your website

Having a large customer base is the dream of every marketer. But, how can you accomplish it? Well, the good news is that it isn’t rocket science and anyone can do it. Here are some suggestions that can help you get started:


Ads can be bought for internet sites, and search engines. They bring up a users click count, or count how many clicks he / she receives. In a way, if the user doesn’t click, the advertising part is free. That or a user can look up a website, on a search engine, without clicking on a link, which can happen, just one of the nice benefits of online marketing. But pay for the click, and it’s like knowing a customer is in your “store,” they’re there to buy something. Isn’t it funny how today’s online buying is such that a customer doesn’t even speak with anyone?


In today’s world social media marketing is overpowering almost all forms of marketing. Social media marketing is definitely a game changer! So, make sure that your website has all the functional or active social media handles attached to the website itself. Also ensure that your business has a strong and influential social media presence. This will help in getting you a whole lot of audience to your website. This is because a large part of the population is present on various social media platforms. So have a social face and use it for your business.


A lot of folks are making blogs on their website, usually their own, to try and drive traffic, an unusual blog post, or interesting blog post can drive traffic. Though using social networking sites, a blog post can be used by customers, or friends on your own website. By using, also image names, a person can drive traffic to their site, not making an image name long, but making it hyper-linked, or by having the name by representative of the image itself. There’s room for writing articles about people, <a href=”https://smartific.com/smartshop/” style=”color:#777777″>Smartshop</a>or things on a blog, that you may not be aware of. There’s room for this, writing about and more importantly, placing images, or allowing users to place images on the blog itself. Keywords can be written into the website itself, not to mention the title(s,) of the web pages themselves, especially for small business’ really need to represent the website, or what the website is selling, as far as products, services, or sales. When going on, and bringing traffic to your own site, or product you’re selling, always make sure, and clean your browser cookies, as to not disturb your own advertising business within the business’ themselves.


Make sure to always have an accurate website on your business card, and stationary. Please make sure it’s a name that you will want to keep, as businesses sometimes change names, it’s always nice when marketing, to stay consistent with your customer base. Just remember a website is a website, but a business name is a business name, or website in and of itself. Keeping links between sites can also drive traffic, but like its said before, try and click on the links yourself, even if they’re links on your own website, and you’ve been taken off the list with your I.P. address, and cookie information. This leads to a sort of mystery, or engagement with customers, that benefits a person, yet it’s always good to, once in while, to go through the links on your website(s,) and click on them, to check if they work correctly.


Nothing beats word of mouth, whether it’s friends, family, organizations, or businesses. There’s also nothing like a phone number, especially an 800 number right on your website to drive traffic, even if there’s only a specific amount of time the number is available, it’s highly beneficial. Also small ads in papers that list your website, or small ads in the yellow pages that list your website, can be very helpful with internet marketing.


When talking about digital marketing, SEO plays a big role. All you need to do is make yourself ‘searchable’ i.e. just be visible when a user searches anything related with your business. This can happen if you use long tail keywords effectively.

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