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7 Points to remember before making a website

7 Points to remember before making a website

7 Points to remember before making a website


Having a great strategy is imperative to the success of your new website. You should know who you want to market your website and who you want to work with. Having one website to take care of is a lot of work, you should have multiple people who will work with you to achieve a common goal. Before you decide on buying a server, you should plan everything out because there won’t be much time to plan it out once everything is started. Not every website has to be the same. Twitter and Amazon are very popular websites, but they are very different and have a ton of maintenance work.

Understand your Customer

Understanding your customer can sometimes be more important than the customer service or the product. Knowing how to do this the right way can make your customer base view you less like a company and more like a friend. Sometimes it can be collaboration between two companies with a product that complements a service. For example, maybe your company offers shower installation and you do collaboration with a product that offers a better showering experience. This offer can possibly give the customer deals that interest both of the businesses.


Site mapping is very important aspect of creating a website. If necessary there are some great points that explain the architecture of a site. All of them are different, HTML is a very common site mapping system. XML is considered the faster site mapping system. It’s fine if you don’t understand site mapping. There are many services where you can hire people to create products or do your website. There are many YouTube guys that offer a step by step guide with a visual representation. With any website, it is open being changed over and over again, so don’t worry about how it looks now.


Content is going to be the main reason why your customers come to your website. If you sell products, you have to make sure that you are constantly in stock. If people come to your site for information, you have to make sure that the text doesn’t have typos. If information is what draws people to your website, you need to make sure that you have new blog posts to show to people. Maybe you just manage the site but other people are the ones that create the content. Have communication so that the site doesn’t get boring is very important.


The design is likely the first thing that people will see when they take a look at your website. Everything should be convenient for your users so that they know where to go. The presentation on your front page should give your users reasons to stay there. There should always be a reset point on any part of the site that will bring them back to the front page. There are some websites that have bad designs yet have a large number of people. Those are however few and far between and will likely not come to your website.

Bug testing

Bug testing is very important if you plan on having a large consumer base active at one point. With any website, there are going to be crashes that happen. Sometimes, there are certain pages that can’t be activated because of the way that were activated. Many bugs are able to ruin the functionality of a website because they hurt everyone. This happens sometimes when software is incompatible with certain programs that run on a site. Thankfully, there are many ways to fix them with testing and good programming. With the write service and structure, it’s possible for any website to be bug-proof.

Polish is important if you plan on establishing your company to people. When you have a reputation, people are going to be expecting your website to hold a certain presentation. There are design elements that appeal to everyone but there are few of them. Every section that a user can click on should be neat and organized with an equal amount of space in between text. If you want the site to have a professional look to it, consider the Times New Roman font. As your site gets more and more popular, try to add more elements that appeal to others.

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